We Help Small Business 




Our mission is to be your advocate assisting you with your creditors and capital acquisition. We mediate, negotiate and resolve creditor issues for you. 

We then develop marketing and business plans to help you grow and prosper your business.

Our Guarantee

Business Restructuring



We restructure debts to the satisfaction of you and your creditors

We are advocates for small business - working to keep you in business


We specialize in mediating with creditors to reduce or eliminate debt so you can stay in business.


If you need help staying solvent we may be able to help. But we only mediate for business needs, not for personal debts.

If we contract with you we do it on the basis of results. If we get the results you pay us. If not then there is no fee.

Marketing Expertise

​We don't do graphic design but we do marketing and business plans.

We can draw up a plan to help you become solvent, grow and be sustainable. 

With many start-ups behind us we also have ways of helping you find growth capital.

​Many people are good at whether do, but don't have the knowledge or experience to successfully develop and grow. We may be able to help.

Lifeline Business Consulting

Marketing & Business Consulting

Developing plans to guide your business into growth and sustainability

Our certified consultants are experienced at restructuring business debt in a way that enables you, and your creditors, to stay in business. We also provide innovative capital acquisition when traditional lenders can't help.

We are a Massachusetts based consultancy, our service area is local to the eastern part of the Commonwealth.

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When you have a cash crunch you don't need more expense. Our unique proven systems work ----- so our policy is ....

No Result = No Fee. 

Debt Mediation

We work with your creditors, so you can run your business